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Swagelok Belgium

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center


Swagelok quality systems and products are internationally recognized. The company has been audited and certified as meeting the full requirements of ISO 9001, including design, manufacture, inspection, customer service, and distribution functions. 

Upon request, Swagelok can provide the following certificates:

  • Certificate of Compliance (EN 10204-2.1)

  • Certification of Compliance including typical mechanical and chemical properties (EN 10204-2.2)

  • Standard Traceable Certifications of Compliance

  •  Cure Date Certifications

  • Nuclear Certifications of Compliance (fittings only)

  • Nuclear Traceable Certifications of Compliance (fittings only) (includes CMTR)

  • Non-standard Traceable Certifications of Compliance and Type 3.1 certifications
    • Type 3.1 with no Certified Material Test Report (CMTR):
    • With CMTR for components as noted in SCS-00600:
    • With CMTR for additional components not listed in SCS-00600:
    • Certification requests based only on Distributor Purchase Order number:

  • Country of Origin Certifications
    • Standard Certifications
    • Notarization by Notary Public:
    • Notarization by Solon, Ohio, Chamber of Commerce

  • Nuclear Traceable Certifications of Compliance for products other than fittings (valves, regulators, etc.)

  • Traceable Certifications of Compliance and Type 3.1 certifications for custom multi-product assemblies (ex. custom fabrication assemblies)


Please contact us for more information!