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Process analyzer sampling systems (PASS) training

PASS training

Too often, process analyzers give inaccurate results due to problems with sampling systems. But you can help stop sampling system errors — and the lost time and money they cause. Learn how in this 5-day, instructor-led, Process Analyzer Sampling System Training course. You’ll:

  • Recognize and diagnose sample transport problems 
  • Calculate pressure drop in a fast loop or return line 
  • Prevent or control phase separation
  • Read and create sampling system schematics
  • Design and build your own sampling system 
  • ...

After this engaging, hands-on training, you’ll return to work with valuable knowledge and skills you can use right away.

This course is essential for technicians, chemists, engineers, or anyone involved in the design, building, operation, or maintenance of process analyzer sampling systems. Appropriate for basic training or as a refresher for experienced professionals. No more than 40 participants per class — so you’ll have plenty of personal interaction.

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