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Energy survey

Swagelok Energy Survey

As a part of our value added services package we provide our services to conduct Energy Emission Surveys for your facility. Be it a refinery, petrochemical plant, gas distribution system inside an R&D lab, CNG station or even a CNG vehicle fleet. Swagelok associates would be happy to audit your facility, analyze your installations and provide a detailed report on methods of improvement.

The method chosen for detecting leakage in gas systems was through the use of SNOOP Liquid Leak Detector of Swagelok Company , U.S.A. This solution is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and dries without staining. When this solution is applied on a point to be tested bubbles start building up if there is leakage. Even very small leaks can be detected by this method provided adequate time is given for bubble formation after spraying SNOOP. Due to the method used for leak detection, this technique can only be used to detect leakage in gas systems.

Leakage at any location always has a cost associated to it. These costs may be in the form of Lost fluid, Equipment failure, Downtime, Maintenance Costs, or Accidents & Environmental Hazards. If we calculate the Total Cost of Leakage, the calculation of ROI for products and systems installed to prevent leakages can be made easily.

If you are interested in or want to find out more about our Energy Emission Survey please contact us at