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Hose Advisory Services

Swagelok Energy Survey

Hose Advisory Services: Prevent damage before it happens!

Failed hose assemblies require time and resources you just don’t have. It’s better to be prepared by taking a preventative approach. Let Swagelok Hose Advisory Services (HAS) help.

HAS can help you save time and resources, reduce plant maintenance costs, extend hose life, master hose maintenance and increase safety.

What to expect from Hose Advisory Services:

  • A thorough discussion of your facility’s goals
  • A visual analysis of all hose systems
  • A detailed, expert-reviewed report containing:
          - Overall findings
          - Prioritized improvement recommendations and suggestions with replacement options
          - Preventative maintenance schedules and hose inspection recommendations for your specific facility
  • A hose register update with our survey findings or creation of a new database, depending on your facility’s needs

If you're interested or like to know more, please contact us at: 02 / 720 51 11 or